Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon, Decorative Crystal Mesh Wrap Roll Banding Belt

  • Features:
  • Material: Highlight Resin Resin Rhinestone
  • Size: 1 Yard Length (about 91cm), 3cm Width
  • Color: Silver / AB Color
  • With glue on the back. Can be hotfix, hand-stitched or glued on as well
  • Can be cut freely

Use: Suitable for DIY clothing bags shoe decoration, wedding the bride bridesmaid dress diamond chain, necklace, bracelet, bag decoration, bags, denim clothing accessories, mobile phone, and other accessories. Is particularly suitable for belt series, slender dress or dress with a fashion pearl alloy chains, simple and beautiful

1. Need to heated, sticky after melting, can be used Tang Hua machine or ironing machine or electric iron heating, afraid of scalding can be added in the drill and then heating the sheets
2. Mobile phones, notebooks, shoes decorated, paper tubes and other smooth surfaces available E6000 glue or AB glue paste, glue without too much, the thinner the better, can be painted up. High-end items such as fear of damage can be affixed to the protective film, such as mobile phones, notebooks and so on. Can also be decorated home, door frames, sliding doors and so on
3. If it is clothing wedding bags like shoes, can be sewn with needle and thread, the general needle thread or fish wire can be, through the layer that can be

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