About Maui

My name is Mallorie Lynn ♥ I have always had a love and passion, since a young age,  for fashion and getting dolled up with glitz and glam. I have also been a dance teacher for many years, so combining my love for dance with my love of fashion, I have now opened my own store “MauiLynn Couture” which combines my love and passion of both. MauiLynn Couture, combines “Hollywood Bling and Glamour with Hip Hop Street-wear”.

If you are the type of girl, like I am, that loves to turn heads wherever you go, and likes the attention of having all eyes on you, then you will love what MauiLynn Couture has to offer in the way of fashion and accessories. “MauiLynn brings the Glam of “Hollywood Bling and Sparkle”, with Hip Hop Street fashion” So no matter what your style, high fashion or casual street wear, you will always make a statement with MauiLynn Couture. MauiLynn is for every woman and girl (and even for mans best friend) that wants to be noticed and loves to stand out, where ever she goes, no matter what her age…

What MauiLynn Offers

MauiLynn Couture offers a line of custom made fashion apparel and accessories for adults, kids and even canines. MauiLynn also offers a huge selection of jewelry, belts, purses, clothing, shoes and other accessories. Many of the items that you find in our store are “one of a kind” and hand made, blinged and decorated by MauiLynn herself. Some of our items can even be made custom to your liking, in your favorite color and style. Watch for the “Custom Orders Available”sign on many of our items. We also offer a selection of custom made “Dance Wear” ordered to your preference in colors and styles that you will not find anywhere else. If you have any questions, or want to place a custom order, please contact MauiLynn at info@mauilynn.com.

Our Promise

We at MauiLynn Couture pride ourselves in offering the best quality merchandise available and we hold our standards very high. I have always purchased top quality products for myself and now offer the same quality in my own products to my clients, and our priority is client satisfaction, so you can be assured that our products are of the quality that I would buy and wear myself. We have always been a firm believer in the words, “a happy customer is the best form of advertizing”. We hope your experience with shopping at our store, will be a satisfying one and therefore you will want to pass our name onto all your fashion friends and family. Your satisfaction is what is important to us here at MauiLynn Couture.

"MauiLynn" Booth at one of our recent shows


MauiLynn Couture offers “fundraising” programs with some of our items like the popular silicone “Jelly Watches” as well as other items. These items have been a great way for schools and sports teams to raise extra money for their groups. The Jelly Watches are great for schools and sports teams because they come in virtually every color and can be custom ordered in dual colors to reflect your team colors (for instance, if your school or team colors are blue and gold, we can offer you watches with a blue face and gold band as well as a gold face and blue band watch). For those of you that have animal mascots such as cougars, tigers, bears, wolves etc. we carry a whole line of silicone Jelly Watches, in most colors, with a colored paw-print on the white face of the watch. These have been very popular among schools and teams and have been great sellers for many team fundraisers. Feel free to contact us at info@mauilynn.com for further information or any questions regarding our fundraising programs. Our fundraising programs were designed to create as much profit as possible for the fundraising client, and our products seem to just sell themselves. We look forward to talking to you about our fundraising and hope to be able to help your team or program out in the future.

Trunk Shows & Home Parties

For our local Arizona clients, there is something else that we offer, that is loads of fun for you and your friends. This would be our “Trunk Shows” and “Home Parties” where we bring the items to you and your friends. We hate to even use the word “party” because our parties differ from other home jewelry parties where you feel pressured to purchase. We like to refer to our parties more as “Trunk Shows” because there are no high pressure sales pitches, no lengthy presentations, there is no obligation to buy and no one will be pressuring you to book a party. Our home Trunk Shows basically bring our store to you. If you prefer, we can customize your show to fit the likes and desires of you and your friends that will be attending. We will bring a variety of merchandise with us to your home, and we will set up our displays for you. Then you and the friends that you invite, can shop at your own pace on your own budget, from our portable store, right from the comfort of your own living room. At your show, we are happy to take orders from you and your friends if there is something that you want that you don’t see. But what most of our clients do is purchase items from the inventory that we bring with us to your home, as we bring quite a variety of products. We have gotten really good response from our clients in the past on how our Home Trunk Shows are organized and ran, and our clients unanimously appreciate the way they are allowed to shop freely with no pressure tactics. We do offer a “Thank You” gift to our client who opens their home to our traveling shop. If you are interested in more details about how to get our store to come to you so you and your friends can shop at your own home and view our beautiful products in person, feel free to contact me, MauiLynn personally at (602) 469-0197. I’m more than happy to talk with you anytime and answer any questions you may have for me. You can view most of our products on our site but there is nothing like you and your friends being able to see our products in person while sharing an evening together.
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